Hey, I’m Moe (my full name’s Maureen, but hardly anyone calls me that) and I’m all about fitness & nutrition – AKA moving & munching.

Growing up, I was never into working out or athletics in any form, and anything I did try usually didn’t last long. I did gymnastics for a year or two, danced for a year and tried various other things (kickboxing is real hard, guys) – but always ended up losing interest and giving up.

Not only was I never athletic,  I was also never 100% happy with my body – neither the way it looked or the way I felt. I tried time and time again to eat better and to stick to a workout routine, yet despite my efforts I couldn’t ever commit. (Even now it makes me cringe how much money I spent on gym memberships and yoga passes that I never used.)

It wasn’t until early last year (2015) when all that changed. After going through an unexpected life event (I lost my job) I found myself with a new found desire to treat my body right. I was sick of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I was sick of being tired all the time, and I was sick of the mental battle I constantly had with myself every time I gave up on something.

And that was when I decided it was finally time I did something about it.

I joined ClassPass, I signed up for a 15KM race and I started paying closer attention to the way I fuelled my body. I can honestly say that all of this has truly changed my life. I am confident enough to now call myself a runner, a fitness enthusiast as well as an (amateur!) chef.

Almost a year later I am excited to start to share my journey online. I plan to document my training, share my food philosophy, and inspire others to feel their best.

I am not a certified personal trainer, a professional athlete or a nutritionist – but I do want to share what has worked (and some things that may not have worked) for me. I will be the first to tell you that committing to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy – and sometimes it’s a straight up struggle. 

However, I will also be the first to tell you that it’s so worth it!

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